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ISO 11143:2008 (DD2011) regulation.

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P.V.P: €264

97 € (+ shipping + VAT)

The DD2011 filter has passed the ISO 11143 protocol (ISO 11143:2008 (e)) and has been designated as a type 3 amalgam separator (filtering system).

It has a particle retention of at least 95%. the separator DD2011 complies with the requirements imposed by EU Regulation 2017/852 and is manufactured in March 2019.

Just remind you that the filters come with an arrow that indicates how the water should circulate and, like any filter, depending on the liquids and debris that pass through it, will be its durability.

We recommend that in the equipment that is placed (since it is not necessary to place it in all the equipment) only use it to remove amalgams, sutures, polishing parts, etc. since with surgeries with clots it is easily clogged, like all filters

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